Our concept

Nestled a little ways away from the big fancy tourist spots outside the gates of the Luxembourg gardens, & just around the bend from the back of Napoleon’s favorite theatre, the Odeon, Treize au Jardin is a little oasis of warmth & happiness. Where time slows down, and turning off your phone is encouraged; a gathering place for Parisians, expats, tourists, and anyone in between.

Thirteen, a Baker's Dozen opened its original location in December of 2013 on a dare and a prayer at the back of a courtyard on the rue des Saints Peres. We hoped to bring a bit of down home goodness and old fashioned joy to the chic Saint Germain des Près area of the left bank of Paris. It kinda worked.

Sooo. We moved. To a bigger better fancier space with a (non-smoking) terrace, and view of the Luxembourg gardens. Hence the new name; Treize au Jardin. A boozy Tea-room with a range of fully homemade, organic, drinks and food, and service all day long. A home away from home, for everyone.